December is usually a month where the focus is on winding down and Christmas parties, but instead Australia watched on while floods devastated the east coast of our country.  

At the end of 2022, the east coast of Australia was hit with torrential rain that devastated many towns and communities. One such community, Rochester had over 80% of homes suffering flooding. You can read our original article HERE.

The town of Rochester, Vic. was devastated by floods at the end of 2022. With 80% of homes being flooded.

Knowing that we were in a position to help, Plantfulness approached AMES Australasia to donate products which could be used in rebuilding these communities. Over $10,000 worth of tools from Hills, Garden Master and Cyclone were gratefully received by the community to help them on the long road to getting back on their feet.

Through this partnership, our staff filled up 6 boxes with non-perishable food items which were transported to Rochester to be stored and distributed from the FoodBank depot.

And finally, we were ecstatic to donate a total of $4000 to Kyabram Community & Learning Centre, who then passed all money over to Rochester Community House. This donation has been used to support those who are most in need through the financial support of the Community House.

Before and after shots of the Shamrock Hotel in Rochester

It’s a long road to recovery and our hearts are with the people in all of the flood effected areas as they start to rebuild their communities.

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