Since its inception back in 1996, Planet Ark’s World Tree Day has planted over 26 million trees and each year, this number grows exponentially. With more and more initiatives coming on board, how can you get have more trees in your life? From a tiny start through to big planting initiatives, here are some ideas to get you going.

There’s no denying that trees are one of Mother Earths’ most functional and beautiful creations, humanity quite literally cannot survive without them. Through photosynthesis, trees give us oxygen and play a huge part in limiting carbon in the atmosphere. Their root systems provide a solid underground infrastructure eliminating land erosion, essential to rural and coastal areas.

Trees are also the chosen abode for an abundance of animals from marsupials to birds. Just about any insect you can think of, at some stage of its lifecycle, has had an interaction with a tree. There’s no question that only good things can come from planting trees.

Making space and time for Trees

“But I don’t have space for a tree?” said absolutely no Zen Master ever. The Art of Bonsai may not be doing a lot for coastal regeneration, but it will do wonders for your personal soul regeneration. Bonsai will teach you patience, nurturing, and the art of appreciating the beauty of nature. Best of all, it’s easy to start – there are countless how-to videos or books, and you can start your very own Zen Den right on a tiny windowsill. The biggest investment you will need to commit to is time.

Image Source: Northcote Pottery

Breaching out into the community

Even if you live in the smallest studio apartment (with your Bonsai) you still have an opportunity to get involved with building up the tree populace. Community groups in every state come together to plant and regenerate areas that are most in need and these organisations are always on the lookout for volunteers. You can start as an individual or get your company or business involved for corporate planting days. Every little punnet counts! Planet Ark and Trillion Trees Australia have planting days across the year, or you could reach out to your local council and see how you can get involved in your area. Check in with your council website for native planting guides or what plants are indigenous to your area and attract and maintain local wildlife. This way, regardless of where you are, you will be planting the best tree for the local environment.

Just Breathe in the trees

We can thank Botanists past and present for the abundant botanical gardens that grace every city of our beautiful country. Whilst Botanical Gardens are precious areas of preservation and observation for plant species and science, we have the privilege of pulling up a rug, kicking our shoes off and reconnecting with nature under hundred-year-old oak trees or taking in the heady scents of Blue Gum when the sun hits its leaves. Remember to take deep breaths and relax. Remember that every day can be World Tree Day and you can assist and appreciate bringing Mother Nature back to her former glory. Never underestimate the power of a tree.

Environmental Choices

There is an abundance of small, medium, and large businesses and organisations that provide planting initiatives alongside the services they provide. Check with your favourite brands to see if they have initiatives that support tree or forest regeneration such as Planet Ark or Trillion Trees, and if they don’t, there is no harm done in dropping an email in their suggestion inbox.

Did you know?

What is the difference between a botanic garden and a botanical garden? Absolutely nothing. They are both correct terms, botanical is a more 21st century which is why for established gardens created back in the 19th century such as Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne (opened in 1846) or Sydney (opened in 1816), you will see the term ‘botanic’.